Ruth Hagedon, Punta Gorda,Fla.  TOMATO PUDDING


5 c bread cubes       1 large (29 oz.) tomato puree     1 1/4 c brown sugar

3/4 c boiling water   3/4 teas. salt                   1 c melted margarine


Pour melted butter over bread cubes. Boil other ingredients together for 5 mins. Pour over buttered cubes. Bake 45 mins. in 350 deg. oven.


                           CREAMY MACARONI & CHEESE

6 TBSP margarine    6 TBSP flour        3 c milk

Melt butter, blend in flour over low heat to a smooth paste.  Add milk slowly stirring constantly. Cook until slightly thickened.

Add:  3/4 TBSP Worchester. sauce     1/2 tsp. salt     1/2 tsp.dry mustard

1/4 teas. pepper                     1 c grated cheese (more or less)

Cook over low heat until cheese is melted.  Pour over 7 or 8 oz. cooked macaroni.  Bake 40 min at 350 degs.  Serves 6.


                               FETTUCCINI LA CASA

1 lb. Fettuccini noodles, cooked  4 tsp. chives      1/4 lb. butter  2 eggs    

1/4 c cottage cheese              1/4 c Feta cheese  1/4 c Parmesan cheese

1/4 teas. pepper                  1/2 tsp. salt

Saute butter and chives. Saute for 2 mins. Add noodles and cook for 2 mins, stirring constantly.  Add Feta and cottage cheese and half the Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Stir while cooking for another three or four mins.  Add raw eggs and stir a few more times. Sprinkle with remaining Parmesan cheese and serve.


                            CHINESE STYLE FRIED RICE

1 1/3 c water    1 egg, beaten    1/3 c chopped onion    3 TBSP margarine

2 or 3 TBSP soy sauce.            1 1/3 c Minute Rice 

Bring 1 c of the water to a boil in a pan. Stir in rice. Remove from heat; cover and let stand 5 mins. Meanwhile cook egg in butter in a 10" skillet until set. Add onion and rice and cook and stir over medium heat until rice and onion are lightly browned, about 5 minutes. Combine remaining water and the soy sauce; stir into rice. Makes about 3 c or 4 servings.  Cooked peas, bits of carrot or strips of ham can be added when adding onion.  I have used regular rice cooking it according to pkg. directions. 


                               WILD RICE- CHINESE

Wash 1 c wild rice, drain.  Heat 2 TBSP olive oil in heavy pan. Add wild rice.

Cook over medium heat 10 min.  Lower heat and add:  1/3 chopped onion,  1/4 c

chopped celery   Cook 5 min.  

ADD:  1 TBSP soy sauce           3 c beef or chicken broth 

Cover and simmer 45 min. Rice will be slightly chewy.  Any other cooked vegetable can be added.