More Edmonton

We spent Friday working on the coach.  Saturday, we headed into Edmonton to see the city and take in what is now billed as the world largest shopping center/amusement park complex. 

Situated on rolling hills and the west branch of the Saskatchewan River, Edmonton is a beautiful, very modern city.  The Edmonton Mall is overwhelming, to say the least, but is well worth a visit, if to do nothing other than people-watch.

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Bubble Wrap?

Yup. Our trip coordinator (Wagon Master) who made the trip last year, said that this technique to prevent stone chips worked quite well.

Tom Sawyer

All of our "neighbors" decided they were experts at this, so we let them "help."

The Finished Product

Jim, Sue and the coach, in a 20 knot wind.

The Edmonton Skyline

Taken from the southeast. The pyramids in the foreground are part of the Mutart Conservatory.

Pirate Ship

In one of the 8 concourses of the Edmonton Mall. A submarine ride runs around the ship and other areas of the mall.

Water Feature

Part of the Edmonton Mall

Real Waves

There are also several water slides at each end of the wave pool.

Ice Skating, Too

One of the mall concourses houses this ice rink, ringed by stores on two levels.

Everybody Shops Here . . .

. . .but I still can't find a pair of shoes that fit.

Well, Maybe at the Next Store

This little guy seemed to be having the time of his life.