Color Returns to the Sonoran Desert
(did it ever leave?)

Spring in the desert is always beautiful, but this year (2005) the unusually heavy January and February rains made it even more so.  Of course no good can go unbalanced, so the beautiful flowering cactus and trees brought with it lots of pollen, a delight for chronic allergy sufferers.

The following photos were taken on a beautiful cool (around 70 degrees) late April afternoon, on just a short walk around our neighborhood.  Exactly five years ago, Dave and Val Anthony were married at the Heritage Highlands clubhouse, and I remember that as a rather hot and windy day, which is more typical of this time of year.

Some of the flowers are on the wane, and some, like the Saguaro blossoms, are just starting to come out.  They are typically a "Mother's Day" bloom here, so they might be just a bit early this year.

In any event, enjoy the photos.

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By The Pool

Saguaros and the Catalina Mountains

Saguaro Blooms Close Up

Saguaro Blooms and Desert

Oleander Beside the House

Bouganvalia by the Grill

Century Plant at the Neighbors

Palo Verde Tree in Bloom

Creosote and Saguaro

Brittle Bush

Bottle Brush Plant

Prickly Pear and Golf Course

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear Closeup

Hedgehog Cactus Bloom

Lantana by the Back Wall

Staghorn Cholla

Staghorn Cholla Close Up