Clouds & Sky Photos

One of the things we love about our location is the wide expanse of sky we can see and the fantastic images that Mother Nature is continually "painting" on this canvas.  

Here are a few of my favorite sky and cloud photographs.  I always keep a camera handy, so rest assured I will be adding more images to this file!

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               Catalinas At Dusk  7-26-02.jpg (38338 bytes) Catalina Mountains at Sunset

Looking east from our back yard.  July, 2002.  The lighting on the mountains is constantly changing, but the prettiest time to view the Catalinas from our house is usually late in the day.

Circular Cloud Motion

Looking south toward the Tucson mountains. This was taken about 6:00 P.M.  If this were in Ohio, I'd be thinking tornado.

    Circular Motion -- 7-26-02.jpg (31657 bytes)

                     Rain -- 7-26-02.jpg (35133 bytes) Rain Shaft

This is the same view, about 20 minutes later.  Just your garden variety heavy desert downpour.

Desert Sunset

Looking South again.  This was actually taken about 15 minutes after the sun dropped below the horizon.  When there are clouds in the sky, it pays to check the view well after the sun goes down, as that is when the colors are often at their peak.

     Clouds-Sky -- 7-21-02.jpg (35036 bytes)

              Clouds-Sky -- 7-23-02.jpg (35650 bytes) Looking Northwest

In the Summer, the sun sets well to the north of our view from the back of the house.  This was taken from the front yard. about 10 minutes after sunset.

Looking South

This is a good example of the lighting on the higher level clouds after sunset.  The lower clouds are shadowed by the Earth, while the higher clouds, probably 40-50 miles away, are still in the sunlight.

     Clouds-Sky1 -- 7-16-02.jpg (32590 bytes)

               Clouds-Sky2 -- 7-16-02.jpg (35213 bytes) Thunderstorm Building Over the Tucsons

This is a typical late afternoon buildup that eventually produced heavy rain, with lots of air-to-ground lightning.  The storm is about 25-30 miles from us.  We were in sunlight the entire time and never saw a drop of rain.

Decaying Storm

This is the same storm, right at dusk.  High level winds are really pushing around the cloud tops.  This cell still produced some heavy rain southwest of the city before it fully dissipated.

      Clouds-Sky3 -- 7-16-02.jpg (35344 bytes)

              Day's End.jpg (25518 bytes) Sonoran Desert Sunset

This was taken near Saguaro National Park - West, about 5 minutes after the sun dropped below the horizon.  It's the photo that I used for the website banner

 Late Afternoon Shadows

No clouds here, but the relatively long distances to the horizon often produces really long shadows.  This was taken from our clubhouse, looking west.

     Long Shadows -- 1-02.jpg (34954 bytes)

              Radiance1.jpg (29834 bytes) Radiance

Looking northwest from the front of the house, about 10 minutes after "sunset."

Evening Thunderstorm

This thunderstorm, about 25 miles to our east and over the Catalina mountains, produced continuous lightning for well over an hour.  At our house the sky was clear and the stars were out

Lightning.jpg (31416 bytes)