Odds and Ends from Southern Oregon

The following is a series of photos from our travels from Portland south to the Eugene area and then over to the coast.  It's also somewhat of an experiment as I begin to get comfortable with Adobe PhotoShop and some if it's advanced capabilities -- most notably, in this case, its capability to shrink photos for web publication.  I've been experimenting with different levels of compression, so some of these photos may look a bit fuzzy, but I'm trying to get a 600x800 image down to about 30-45 Kb. while maintaining reasonable quality.

I'll keep adding photos to this page as we continue to wander the area.

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Eugene Campground

Lots of grass and open space

Campsite Closeup

Plenty of room for both the coach and car.

Covered Bridge

Along the "Coast Branch" of the Willamette River.

High Rise

Interesting design. It was apparently built to handle log trucks.

In the Backwoods

Another view of a branch of the Willamette.

Redwood Stump

An old, old Redwood stump. Redwood just doesn't rot!

A Cool, Wet Forest

An example of the large quantities of moss in this forest.

A Good Sign?

After two days of rain at our first Winchester Bay campsite.

Sun's Out

Taken right after we moved to the campsite we had reserved.

Waterfront Property

Our view of the harbor and marina.

Evening View

Clear Skies and a bright moon.

Another Sunset View

Looking from our campsite toward the marina.


Waves breaking along the entrance to the Umpqua River.

The Umpqua River Lighthouse

More Redwood driftwood.

You Know Who

Showing off her recent "Buzz-Cut."

Oregon Coast

Coos River lighthouse in the distance.

Surf on the Rocks

At low tide.

Lotsa Rock

Beautiful day, but not much wave action.

Seal Island

At Shore Acres State Park, just south of Coos Bay.

 Video Clips


Rivers and Streams  In the Cascade foothills just east of Eugene Oregon.  This is a 5 mb. file!

The Oregon Coast  Wave action along the coast south of Coos Bay.  This is a 4.5 mb. file!