Muncho Lake

We spent Friday and Saturday, June 11 and 12 at Muncho Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia  Following an easy 170 mile drive from Fort Nelson.

We camped right on the shore of Muncho Lake at a very nice campground.  We took a boat cruise around the lake and yesterday (Saturday) we took a 35 mile day trip up to Laird Hot Springs.  Kathy and Andy, you may remember this as a spot we tried to visit, but there was no room to park.  Mom got a chance to swim in the springs, which she enjoyed and said she had wanted to do ever since we were there 24 years ago.

The drive so far has been very easy and very strange.  It is nothing like we remember it.  The road is wide and we think the biggest difference is how far the right-of-way is cleared on both sides of the highway.  Much of the road has been re-routed.  The entire route is now actually 35 miles shorter than it was originally.

Aside from a couple of days of rain between Dawson Creek and Muncho Lake, the weather has been nice. Temperatures have been in the high 60ís to low 70's during the day Ė short sleeve shirt and jacket weather.  You can see from the photos the kind of weather we have been having.

Tomorrow, itís on to Teslin and the following day we are back in the US for a couple of days at Skagway, Alaska.

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The New Highway

A typical example of the Alaska Highway today -- a lot different than the gravel road we drove back in 1981.

Another Look

Not only has the roadway widened, the curves and grades have been improved as well.


These Stone Sheep are seen in abundance along and in the road. We've also seen Black Bears, Moose and Buffalo in the past couple of days.

Muncho Lake

From the dock at our campground. We had new snow on the mountain peaks on Friday night.

Another View...

...of Muncho Lake, taken from the campground dock.

RV's on the Lakeshore

This view from the campground shows the beautiful setting we were in.

Rhubarb Pie

Mom baked a Rhubarb pie with Rhubarb she bought in Edmonton.

Liard Hot Springs

These springs are in a very nice setting in a provincial park about 35 miles north of the Muncho Lake campground.

Mom Enjoys a Dip

Mom said this was enjoyable. The water temperature varies from around 100 degrees up to about 128 degrees, depending on how close you are to the hot spring.