Great Falls - Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center

On Tuesday, June 1, Sue and I visited the Lewis and Clark Expedition Interpretive Center in Great Falls, Montana.  The 200th anniversary of the Expedition will be celebrated in 2005-2006 and Montana is busily getting ready for the event. 

The interpretative center is really well done (it was constructed mostly with local funding).  Well worth the time for anyone who visits the area.  It includes an introductory 30 minute Ken Burns film, as well as presentations by well-informed volunteers.

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Jim and Sign

Entrance to the Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center, on the shore of the Missouri River.

Portage Around Falls

Exhibit depicting the effort required by the Lewis and Clark party to portage around the Missouri River falls.

Portage Display

The interpretative center covers the entire expedition, but highlights the Great Falls portage.

Winter's Impact

Sue reviews the exhibit describing the expedition's wintering over in the Bitterroot Mountains.

Interpretative Talk

Presentations by the center's staff highlight various aspects of the expedition.

Missouri River

View of the Missouri River, looking toward the first set of falls.