Dawson Creek

Tuesday, June 8, took us on a 356 mile drive from Edmonton, Alberta to Dawson Creek, British Columbia.  This was an easy drive, with four lane highway almost all the way.  With the time change (Pacific Daylight) at the British Columbia border, we arrived in Dawson Creek around 2:30 PM.

Tuesday evening's dinner was catered at the Sudetenland Hall, just across the road from the campground, where we learned that a large part of the Dawson Creek population is made up of people of German extraction, who fled their homeland on the Austrian border when Hitler occupied the region at the beginning of WW II and settled here.

We were amazed at how the town has changed since we were here 24 years ago.  From little more than a bump in the road, it has grown to a modern city, supported by farming, oil and gas production in addition to tourism.  Yes, they even have a WalMart.

Wednesday, June 9 has been a pretty quiet day.  We had a group photo taken and visited the Visitor Center, which featured a really good film on the building of the Alaska Highway in 1942.  In the afternoon, we put the stone protection on the front of the Yukon and made some minor repairs on our "bubble wrap" on the front of the coach. 

Tomorrow, it's off to Fort Nelson, our first day on the AlCan highway.

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Tight Quarters

As we move farther north, the campgrounds are becoming more "compact."

RV's Assembled

Socializing (we do a lot of that) after our arrival at our Dawson Creek campground.

Tuesday Dinner

An excellent catered dinner at the Sudetenland Hall, a short walk from the campground, featured roast beef, chicken and "Peruvian Blue" potatoes.

Back to the Campground

Headed home to our campground (with a name like Tubby's, it HAS to be good)!

Group Shot

This is where we had a photo of the entire group taken. These four couples make up the smaller group we travel with on the road.

Milepost Zero

This is the marker for the beginning of the Alaska Highway -- the one we remember when we were here 24 years ago. The new marker is about two blocks from here.